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The Coffee Tour is a Locally Owned and Managed Hill Tribe Retreat in the Chiang Rai Province, under the control of T.A.T. Tourist Authority of Thailand
Tour License No.24-00279, Chiang Rai Thailand. Our coffee tour is the best way to experience the charms of the jungle and the local coffee plantations. You will
see the beautiful nature and get a chance to see the life styles of hill tribe people by night in their presence, and will be trekking through the jungle in chiang rai,
Insurance is included in the price.
The Coffee Tour Offers Jungle Trekking 1-6 days in Northern Thailand in a beautiful jungle, and hill tribe village.
This is the best place for you, With a local tour team thats hard to beat, we have all you could possibly desire. During these treks you will learn about jungle survival,
what kinds of plants are edible, and how to eat them. Medicinal uses for different herbs and other vegetation that grow in the jungle, for things like snake bites.
You will also learn how to make clean drinking water, and purify it. Then at night your accommodation is in the jungle complete with Bamboo Cooking, and a banana leaf house that you build! This is the only Coffee tour company that does these trekking tours in this area!

Our Coffee tour we service fresh coffee and tea anytime you want to drinks coffee and tea
in the jungle. in the village. anytime anywhere along the tour and treks

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The Coffee Tour
Tours And Treks, income
Help support the Akha Hill tribe
Education Project
10% of Coffee Tour profit are donated
directly to the school project

Chiang Rai, The northernmost of Thailand is located about 785 kilometers From Bangkok. The province which is located within the renowned
Golden Triangle, Where berma, Laos and Thailand converge. It is also known as the gate way to berma, Laos and southern China. Chiang Rai,
has a large number of Hill tribes: Lisu-Akha, Lahu, Meo, Yao, and Karen. They are scattered in the high mountains that cover the region and,
Chiang Rai is the only province where all the major tribes can be found. Now, Chiang Rai is a traveler’s paradise endowed with abundant
Tourist attractions natural and antiquities; the province contains evidence of ancient civilizations complete with ruins. Attractions range from magnificent
mountain scenery, ruins of ancient settlements, historical remains, Buddhists shrines to ethnic villages. Jungle trekking is recommended with, long various trails.

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Coffee Tour 423 / 25 Khuau phaya mangrai, Klang Wiang RD,
T. Rob Wiang, Muang Chiang Rai, Thailand 57000